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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

9:54 AM
Tuesday January 30 2018

Rayyaan Eesa is two weeks old. It has been a roller coaster journey. When I look at your face I cant express how thankful I am that you are home and safe. I wont let anybody hurt you anymore. All those pricks on your heal... enough! Yes, we cant avoid the shots and we cant avoid some necessary tests but we will avoid the rest.

Big brother moosa is getting used to you being around and Haroon naani loves to hold you. They have to wash and be clean first. Its been a bad flu season and we are trying our best to keep you protected. Moosa has to learn to be gentle. You are now officially the youngest and I think Moosa is terrified that I will leave him again for the hospital. He doesn't want to seem to leave my side. And I cant do very much to occupy him.


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