All about the baby and a little more!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

9:54 AM
Tuesday January 30 2018

Rayyaan Eesa is two weeks old. It has been a roller coaster journey. When I look at your face I cant express how thankful I am that you are home and safe. I wont let anybody hurt you anymore. All those pricks on your heal... enough! Yes, we cant avoid the shots and we cant avoid some necessary tests but we will avoid the rest.

Big brother moosa is getting used to you being around and Haroon naani loves to hold you. They have to wash and be clean first. Its been a bad flu season and we are trying our best to keep you protected. Moosa has to learn to be gentle. You are now officially the youngest and I think Moosa is terrified that I will leave him again for the hospital. He doesn't want to seem to leave my side. And I cant do very much to occupy him.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

On Jan 16 2018, after much awaited period, we finally welcomed Rayyaan Eesa into our lives. After many debates on name choices - we decided to go with the initial plan. Our moments in the hospital were shaken by ecstatic joy to tears of unbearable sorrow. My baby is fine Alhamdelillah but the folks at hospital have you thinking the worst. I know its for our best but I cant help but think that they put us through unnecessary trauma for no particular reason. Its nice to have a large family. iT is also very difficult and we are trying to cope with life at home, school and out of state guests staying over. The grandparents are such a blessing.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Ever since Moosa turned two he started to get a little difficult yet I feel he is far better than some of the other kids I see around. He loves to be cuddled and pampered. Not a fussy eater. I haven't been taking pictures. With baby number four on the way and things to be cleaned or cooked all the time, work never ends. I clean up before bed but still wake up to a mess and dirt sometimes and the cycle seems to never end. I'm trying to train the older ones to help out more but it doesn't always work. Habits are hard to create and maintain. At least the good ones are. J has been drawing a lot. H has been playing too many electronic games. He is just coming out of a nasty cough which Moosa has just caught. I'm so depressed sometimes and I wonder if its the hormones or something more. Anyway, October is here and the year will end soon... Hopefully baby will be born before my birthday. Ha Ha!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

We are often told how brave we are. We often given looks, advice or even sarcastic comments. When you have children, most of our life gets put on hold. It's really hard making sacrifices that make us unhappy. The struggle is real.

And now we have to battle technology on top of everything else. Homework is online and textbooks are interactive which is great but mum's need to shower and get out and cannot 190% percent supervise every move made by every child in the house.

You are supposed to adult so you can't cry it out. Laundry never ends. Dishes every day. Nothing ever stays clean long enough and you go to bed exhausted every night from the chores. I can only pray to God my to make it a little easier. Trying to breath though it all!

It's really really hard at times,  most of the time!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

I was so heart broken that moosa would be my last baby but alhmadelillah, I'm 18 weeks pregnant with another boy. While this has been a complicated pregnancy I am grateful that we are Alhamdeillah doing ok overall.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Preparing for Baby Number 4

Alhamdelillah, We are happy to announce the blessing of another baby to our family. We are expecting him or her insha Allah in January of 2018. A baby girl would be nice but of course a healthy baby is what is most important. Jannah wants a girl obviously because we have two boys.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cultivating a culture of chaos

As a family we always try to turn up on time for events and invitations. Yes inevitable last minute things do happen but we try to start early and leave room for any unexpected events, getting gas or closed roads. When we go late for everything we are teaching our kids that its ok to be late that its ok not to respect another person's time.'

If you want to have a generation that is productive and efficient then teach them to start on time. Life is time. Some people justify going late by saying that everyone is late or that the event will not start on time anyway... This is not good at all. All events should start on time. Specially ones that involve children. Let late comers pay the price. Waiting for them, only encourages them to be late next time.

Also if you are inviting people over try to give them a time that is both reasonable for you and works for them. Before you have your dinner guests over you could ask them what times work well for them and fix a mutually convenient time that does not stress either party. I don't like events that are set at an earlier time just so that people will come half our late. Time is life and respect it. Don't have some one wasting their life waiting for you!