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Thursday, September 24, 2020

A five year old takes everything literally

Conversation with Moosa - 

Bru and I - "How did it break? Did you drop it?"

Moosa "No, I just stopped holding it" 

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Dear Moosa

Had you with Pitocin and without any epidural. You were the hardest of all.

Your first winter was a tough one

Took you and the siblings to the doctor alone... 

Even with all my force, the stroller would not move across the greasy snow

We moved to texas before you turned 2

We got through each day together you and I... longing for the evenings... longing for a drive...

I blinked and you are 4.5

When I blink again maybe 14?


A day came and a day went 

you were five

I want to run I want to hide

Yet 'time' somehow will find my plight

The grey hairs are too many to count now

I live not for myself but to raise you all, right

Someday I will discover why

Why I was put here in this vast world

What purpose to give, what reason to share

Question our existence, we must not dare.

I love you, buddy, with every beating heart and every ticking clock

Grow up, be good; do us proud!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Our first baby growing up is for sure a milestone. It was lost in the haze of having overnight guests over that very weekend. We sort of pulled through it without much fuss.

The thing now is the road ahead... what path... we fear so much harm ... it is a messed up world out there

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 - what a couple of decades it has been

As I struggle to keep up with time and try to squeeze a few moments that stay in our memories forever I am just so shocked and surprised to see how short a decade really is. As I look back I see all those seized opportunities and regrets of missed opportunities floating around like clouds. 2019 was incredibly challenging... Toddlers, tweens, the battle against electronics and getting back in the workforce has all taken a toll on me but this blog is about the kids. J turned 12 a few weeks ago. Yep, we couldn't hold back the time on her. Having parents to help has been a blessing. H has become naughtier and more difficult and the four year old has caught up to tantrums and mischief every now and then. E is getting pampered and spoilt like there is no one younger. it s been fun and adventurous overall. Every year is just another wave in the great ocean... I am trying to balance it all. It has been hard. The kids help but its not enough. Alhamdelillah for all the blessings!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Larger families are nicer - The pros and the cons

I always wanted more siblings. If it was any easier I would do it in a heart beat. Yeah we would absolutely love one or two more around so I can get a complete work out.

Here are the pros:

Life is interesting... there is always something happening with someone at some time or the other. Free time becomes more valuable and hence more productive. You feel satisfied and fulfilled that you are doing something with your life.

It becomes easier - You have to trust me on this. The older kids take on some responsibilities. The younger ones can be attended to by the older siblings. Someone can read them a story and someone else can feed them or tuck them in if they want some pampering. You don't have to do it all. The younger ones and have more examples to follow and the older ones become a second set of parents which is just beautiful to watch.

Cleaning up becomes second nature - Human beings are messy. We collect clutter, we spill crumbs... we procrastinate .... in a family of six or seven, everyone has to clean surfaces that they use as they go because putting off cleaning for later means having to clean up a bigger mess.

It's a play date and a sleep over every day - Its a party every day. With the challenges come the lighter moments, the fun, the giggling, the secrets and the noise - yes quiet time has to be scheduled in.

The kids are more understanding - They know that you have to spread yourself out thin so they learn patience, they learn to wait for their turn, they are more forgiving and loving. It's not all about them and time has to be shared among everyone just like everything else.

You almost always have a soft and cuddly baby in the house for everyone to fuss over. I cant get enough of the baby skin and wobbly thighs. The giggles are just out of this world. its worth the pain. its worth the scribbles on the wall. There's always someone to play tag with and the laughter and joy brings such a good feeling to wake up to.

The older kiddos will buckle in the younger ones so all you have to do is drive. That's pretty nice.

When they are older  they have each other to turn to. You know they wont be alone and that they will always be there for each other. You just have to make sure that you raise them right and fill their hearts with love.

You are at peace - When you are old, there are more people to take care of you, more grands and when you die you have more people to pray for you.

You can save a bit on the taxes and you get a lot of love from society. People empathize with you. They offer help even without you having to ask.


Its is complicated no doubt - each child is a different age and have different emotional needs. You have to switch tone and expressions depending on the child you are dealing with and sometimes you are too exhausted for all that processing.

Its hard to give quality one on one time - Dad finds a way to this but for mum sometimes its hard to do this every day. Mum is usually the one cleaning up after dinner and putting the babies down so dad does the tucking in. Its a wonderful time to catch up in the days events and to dream together for the future but mum doesn't always get a big share of this time

Outings are like field trips - you have to count everybody in and hold everyone's hands or use a buddy system.

Crossing the street is a nightmare Yup... you have to look left, right center, backwards and forwards at the same time while carrying one, holding the other and hoping to God that the others will just follow.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


What an year it has been!

We had sleepless nights
We had world war three to change diapers and put car seat belts on
We had fights
We had challenges that we thought we would never get through
We had fevers, frightening coughs, never ending runny noses

but we had

we had you

you made us laugh
you brought us joy

Your sense of humor and your angry crawl is a delight to watch

We love you buddy... You made us realize that yes we can do it

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

That first week of your life seemed to last forever. I can’t believe how fast this month with you has passed. I’m so lucky to have you. You are home and safe. It’s a terrible flu season that you were born into and I’m always afraid that you will catch some bug.

I’m not quite sure if it’s me or motherhood but I have to be protective of you. I am overly protective of you getting hurt something falling on you giving you gripe that maybe dangerous to you. Everything is harder