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Friday, April 24, 2015

Excerpt from a mother's journal...

April 24 15 7:54 AM
Jannah didn't have a proper breakfast and I’m worried she’ll be hungry till 11. When they play they just forget about eating. She was not happy to study for Arabic spelling test. Her math grade was not great. I hope she does well. I feel like she can and must. Haroon Masha Allah has memorized all suras until Sura Adiyat and we do take pride in that. Sometimes I like showing him off. Yesterday, we had my scan and the baby is fine Alhamdelillah.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

At almost 20 weeks, we are nearly half way through at bringing baby number three to the world insha Allah. It has been a difficult first few months and I am finally getting over the Nausea. Our youngest child is due in August and the older brother and sister are excited. The house will be full.... And I secretly fear the upbringing of them. Nevertheless the only choice we are left with is to give our best shot at parenting. Every time things get tough I remember and appreciate what our parents did for us. I come to understand how much they may have put up with without ever complaining.