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Sunday, June 29, 2008

J is for Jannah - the garden of paradise....

So Jannah has graduated from rice cereal, to oat meal, to fruits and vegetables, to games and toys. She has begun clapping, tapping, sitting up alone unassisted say for about 30 seconds before she falls. Sle loves the car and stroller rides. She still has those odd dreams and once we even caught her talking in her dreams. After getting her 5 shots we realize that in her 9 month she needs to get one more. The doctor also says se out to start crawling by her 9th month…. Which means she’s going to keep me on my toes longer than I am now. Does she still wake up in the nights? Oh yeah that she does!!!

But playing with her is so much fun. You think it cant get any better but it does. Each day she has a new surprise for us. She makes noises with her mouth and is so thrilled to hear us repeat. She loves our singing and smiles her wide pretty special smile that only dad is privileged enough to get every day after work. She sats with strangers at the stores, parks and malls. She is a friendly, happy and very pretty baby. Yeah ok…. I’m talking big about my kid but to us she means the whole world and trust me staying here I Can safely say the world IS BIG!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

my darling...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

page off my private journal that i call timbuctu

4 june 08 2:14pm

I think now was the first time that jannah turned over in the bed completely unassisted. Well she’s done it before but this seemed special. Was so happy. Yesterday’s visit to dpk was not too bad. Except we had to rush back because of brus call. When I’m seated with her she doesn’t mind if im drawing. But cooking and tv are not her favourites. She gets bored soon. Like the parents. Ok why does this sound like a post from my baby blog? Which reminds me I haven’t posted anything in ages. I better before she turs sic. Months I mean!

Friends tell us to leave her alone and let her cry to sleep by her self but how long will she be a baby for? I don’t mind cradling her a little. After all I am a stay at home mum and would like to be the best I can be… Hush little baby!