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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jannah's Elephant Song

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Flowers red, yellow and blue,

The petals filled with dew,

The bees buzzing as if on cue,

The spring is all brand new,

The birds glide across the skies with such ease,

They bring the message of peace,

We are always there for you my little niece,

Not to please- just to show you the path of peace,

As you grow the more you will know,

At times life may seem a bore,

And it may be hard to go with the flow,

But with vigor and courage you must go,

I can only imagine your sweet little smile,

Or your melodious cry,

These are little things which money can never buy,

How much ever one may try,

Time has flown,

And your five months old,

With each passing day your becoming lovelier than gold,

I’ve been told

I send you my love from a land afar,

It’s not bottled up in a jar,

It’s for the whole wide world to know that I care,

Even if am not where you are,

My prayers and blessings will follow you everywhere,


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Almost 5

It’s been sometime since I’ve made any records but she’s made many in my heart. J’s progress is terms of finding a new expression every single day has been exciting. Her first long road trip of 600 miles 4 months – on record! She was remarkably well behaved and won the hearts of many. Time is running out fast and right now I’m about to call to make an appointment for 6th month regular checkup and vaccination Insha Allah which I hope would not go too bad.

Jannah’s smiles have turned into little giggles and chuckles. She even chuckles in her sleep sometimes and that’s the sweetest thing you can ever imagine. Her 2nd cousine – a little baby boy was born in Abu Dhabi over two days ago. He’s the youngest so far to join the generation after Jannah and Jannah still remains as the only girl among all the babies born within the past year.

The saddest part is she talks so well and her grandma and grandpa and uncle will be leaving soon and wont be able to enjoy her sweet company anymore. She would probably have outgrown her babyhood by the time she meets them again which hopefully will be by then end of this year.

That’s all from th dairy state about the baby Jannnah or lady J as her uncle in Chitagong would often refer to her. There she goes again…