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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sleep dear baby sleep!

I don’t particularly believe in putting baby to sleep. I’d rather have her falling asleep on her own. Jannah’s grandma and dad enjoy rocking her to sleep. The dad’s rocking looks more like break dance moves and the grandma’s rocking can put an acrobat to sleep. Well to Jannah, one come’s as a ‘wake up’ call and the other as a ‘go to sleep’ bell. The problem for me is it that in the middle of the night when grandma and dad are both snoring away in deep slumber, I’m just too sleepy to be rocking her to glory so I pray and hope that she will just fall asleep like a miracle. I don’t use the soother. I don’t want her some day looking at the mirror and blaming me for a set of teeth that are not so beautiful. Am I too idealistic I wonder. Am I trying to achieve perfection? Am I a bad mum for not letting her artificially pacify herself.

When it comes to babies, nobody knows everything. All of us have been and will continue to make genie pigs of others. Pregnancy was nine months. Parenting is a never ending job. There’s no one to watch me but her. Chances are that she would never know or remember anything I do to her so this is one chance for a human being to be completely honest. And that aint that much a hard job for me. Those who know me know it!

The Bath

It’s the time I look forward to the most enjoyable time of the day. It also is the scariest moment of the day. Will she slip? Will the water be too cold or too hot? Will she hit her head? Will soap get in her eyes or nose? Fearing the worst I take Jannah into the bath. She on the other hand enjoys it. She gets to check herself out in the mirror. I guess she’s wondering how many calories she’s put on overnight. She always wrinkles her face when I put baby wash on her because it’s too cold. Then she relaxes when I start massaging her…. Mmmm I’d love to be a baby myself… so oblivious to all the happenings of the world. She cries a little when taken out and while being wiped but soon realizes that she will be warm again. I have to squeeze her through her clothes. Everything’s becoming tighter all the time. She loves diaper change time and cooperates very well with stretching motions. All done and ready for a smile!

Up next… her sleeping habits!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tummy Time!

That's her there two months old and after her bath

Monday, February 11, 2008

A is for Allah by Yusuf Islam formerly known as Cat Stevens

Jannah loves this song. Also a great way to learn the arabic alphabet. Yusuf is great! think he wrote it for his daughter. Check out the video in youtube...!
A is for Allah nothing but Allah
is the beginning of bismillah
is for thakwah the wearin (oneness?)
Stha is for sthawab - reward
Ja is for jannah the garden of paradise
is for haj the blessed pilgrimage
is for Khathim the seal of the prophethood
given to the prophet mohammed sallallahu alaihi wa sallam
da is for deen al islam
religion with
Allah since time began
is for zikr remembering Allah
is for Ramadhan
oh ramadhan
is for zakah to cure our greed for when we give our money to those in need
is for salaamu aleikum - peace be with you wa aleikum salaam
sha is for shums the shining sun which Allah placed for everyone
is for salah for when we pray facing him, everyday facing him till we meet our lord
chorus : Allah... there's only one god... and mohammed is his messenger...
Dla is for dlohar the morning light the sun has turn from red to white
is for tariq
a path to walk upon
is for shadowa is for ilm a thing to know
to make our knowledge grow in Islam
gha is for ghaib
a world unseen
that we know is not a dream
fa is for the opening alfathiha
for the quran the book of God
ka kalima
a word we are taught to teach what is good and what is not
and la
is for the beginning of la ilaaha illallah...
is for the messenger mohammedarrasoolullah
lailaaha illallah mohammedurrasoolullah...
na is for naum the sleep god gave to give us rest after the day
ha is for hijra the journey that the prophet made
wa for wudhlu before we pray
to help us wash our sins away
and ya
for yaumiddeen
Allah, there is only one God
And Muhammed is his messenger
Allah, there is only one God
And Jesus was his messenger
Allah, there is only one God
And Moses was his messenger
Allah, there is only one God
And Noah was his messenger
Allah, there is only one God
And Abraham was his messenger
Allah, there is only one God
And he created Aadham
and we are the children of Aadham
Allah - la ilalaha illallah

Dear Jannah

We took you for your two month checkup and vaccination today. I wish I could share half the pain. Your dad was almost in tears to watch you cry of that pain. It was the first time we saw tears in those little pretty eyes. It’s hard for me to imagine five needles inside me… are just an infant like grandma always says. I gave you the pain relief but my heart breaks to hear you cry. I cut my finger too on Saturday when I was trying to cook while being home alone with you. It bled for about two hours non-stop until grandpa dressed it for me. Today it hurts again.
My dear loved one, I hope you don’t break into a fever and I do hope those little thighs get better fast. It’s for your own good. That’s what I keep telling myself. I have still to call the clinic to ask them what they poked into you. My dear girl, sleep peacefully tonight and let me pray for that bad feeling to go away soon. We have to repeat this in two months. Angel, this is your last week with grandma, grandpa and little uncle. Soon their memories will leave your mind… but somewhere far away they will wake up everyday hoping and praying that your doing great and that your little mum and busy dad are taking good care of you.
Let me sing you to sleep like I do everyday and let my singing drown away your pain…
Your mum

Monday, February 4, 2008

She grows dearer each day

Making it harder for me to stay away

Looking forward to the moments I spend with her

Everyday something new to inspire

She grows more and more beautiful

Each day in my eyes

She is like an angel… a fairy… a flower…

Anything that’s beautiful is like her

She smiles like an angel

Dances like a flower

And talks like a fairy

She is something

Fallen from heaven

Heaven herself


Unaware of one’s own sweet self

Dear deer eyes

Sweet sympathetic cries

Melodically sighs

Tearless might

Hidden inside

My only joy… My Pride

Friday, February 1, 2008

Every DAY!

Everyday I have a reason to smile

Everyday I have one less reason to cry

She is amazing and her beautiful smile

Brightens up my not so beautiful day

the clouds and the snow go away

she is my sunshine in the rain

she is my purpose

my dream

Love you

Now and forever